The Best Recipe of Mochi Cake

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The Best Recipe of Mochi Cake
The Best Recipe of Mochi Cake/Pinterest


We all known it perfectly guys that mocha is one of sweet snack or sweet dish that really affordable and easy to make. Even yeah, this cake one is origins from Japan which is quite famous by their sakura flower, but here in Indonesia the mocha cake itself has been also renowned and chosen by many children to enjoy their day in house or school when the break time comes.

The materials on what this cake made is also very easy to find, which are you known some of them are like sticky rice flour and then may added by any filling inside the cake itself, such as sweet grater soil peanuts or others.

If you are currently craving for this little yet sweet cake, of course good people you can make this pretty yet funny cake in your own kitchen. Just please do not worried if you make a little mistake in the beginning of even in the middle of the cooking process itself later. Just embrace it as your lesson and cooking skill progress in a lifetime.

You also are very welcome to change the filling of this cake which is the ordinary and the very famous one is of course the sweet grater peanuts. But some others who even do not really like peanut or have some allergies towards it, will for sure change it with other kinds of filling like: chocolate bar, or even strawberry and banana jam.

So yeah, you can satisfy your own appetite here. And of course, many people really fall in love towards this little sweet cake due to its colorful shape and the shape itself which is quite funny yet unique indeedn

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The peel ingredients:

250 gr sticky rice flour

100 g castor sugar

250 ml coconut cream

2 drops of food colorings, you can use some three of four colors here based your own choice. I prefer: rose, banana, melon and grape.

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Filling ingredients:

200 gr blended or grater peanuts

80 gr sugar

3 tablespoon of cooked water


100 gr roasted sticky rice flour

Approximately when you try to cook this cake, you will spend around 50 minutes, and then yield around 30 doughs of the mocha cake later. So if you think it is too less, you may double each one of the ingredients.

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1. For the first time you have to prepare the dough filling first, exactly you have to mix evenly all the materials and stir evenly.

2. Mix all the ingredients of the peeling stuffs then.
Divide it to some parts and add 2–3 little drops of the food colorings into it based your own appetite.

3. Pour each one of the dough on a baking tray which is previously you must burnish it by eatable or vegetable oil.

4. Then steam it for around 25 minutes and let it cool then.

5. Take the dough out from the mold or from the baking tray itself then put it on a wood tray which is previously have been spread by sticky rice flour and then cut it into some shapes which its size is 3x3, roll it then by roller cooking tool.

6. Fill the peel of the dough by the filling circa 1 tablespoon and then make it into the shape of the ball.

7. Roll each one of the ball to the sticky rice flour and cover all the side of the balls so it will not getting sticky one another later.

Serve it and share to your loved one, they must be grateful!

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