How to Make the Very Soft Tiramisu Cake Easily

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How to Make the Very Soft Tiramisu Cake Easily
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Who knows that any kinds of cake which are made in the famous yet well-branded bakery shops, well-renowned cafe, even strategic yet well–known restaurant are actually very simple yet easy peasy to make by ourselves? We even mostly do not need the roasting tool, good people! Moreover, in the country where this cake origins (tiramisu cake which is the one we will talk about today), fundamentally the very basic ingredient of this cake does not even use sponge cake but the lady finger biscuit which is free indeed to sold in any commercial wraps in any public places.

And basically, if you face the obstacle in the middle or the beginning process on how to find it, you just always very welcome to find the other brand of biscuit or yeah just change it with other biscuit which is must keep the crunchy yet spongy texture or commonly called as egg drop biscuit.

So yeah, today we will discuss about how to make a best and yet very soft tiramisu cake very easy in our own kitchen and just make it by ourselves. We do not even need the hands of well–renowned worldwide chefs to must come to our house or our kitchen, but instead just ourselves, ahhaha.

Nah, you can then read here that you just need some few minutes approximately 30 minutes to cook and make this yummy cake, which is later it will yield around 6 portion. If you think that the amount of the result is too less due to your family members are quite many, so you are very welcome to double the ingredients.

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Guys, it is so easy peasy, so just take a lokk below at the steps!


- 200 gr whipped cream powder

- 300 ml ice or cold water

- 250 gr cheese cream

- 2 tablespoon of coffemix (you may mix the coffee sugar, and milk until the total of the amount itself will be 2 tablespoon).

- 50 gr chocolate powder

- Some sponge cake

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1. If you do not have a baking tray which is can be easily loosened–taken out off, so you are very welcome to just use any baking tray which is previously the down side must be covered by plastic so it will help you to take it up later.

2. Then you have to first cut the sponge cake slightly and quite width.

3. You can count it just depend on the shape and the size of your baking tray.
Mix the whipped cream with the cold water until it becomes quite firm or stiff.

4. Then mix the whipped cream and the cream cheese again until it well–soft and even.
Take one by one the cuts of sponge cake then let it gets wet by burnish it with coffee. You can use any cake brush here.

5. Then please put and arrange it regularly in the inside of your baking tray.

6. Burnish then the upper side of the sponge cake with the mixed whipped cream and sprinkle the chocolate powder over it.

7. Repeat again the step number 5 and 6 until it yield two to three layers.

8. Then sprinkle some chocolate powder again on the tops of this cake.

9. Let it cool then around 2–3 hours in refrigerator.

Take it out from the baking tray and cut it patiently. Serve it on a best plate and don’t forget to share it with others! They would be happy and grateful!

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