How to Make Chocolate Filled Dorayaki Very Easy

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How to Make Chocolate Filled Dorayaki Very Easy
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We all have known it so well that dorayaki is one of many other delicious yet unique traditional cakes from Japan. This cake has been getting famous and quite well–renowned in the Doraemon cartoon, where she do falling in love towards this cake and choose to turn it to be her favourite cake ever.

This cake which is have been the favorite cake of Doraemon cartoon also known made with two pancakes which is the both pancakes itself are layered by the jam of red peanuts in the middle. When we munch it of course the taste will burst very delicious in our tongue. The sweet and yet very soft mixture makes everyone wants to add some more and more again, unstoppably. Yeah, in a short way all people for sure will get in caught or addicted on it.

In Indonesia itself, the filling of dorayaki has been adapted to many and various appetite of this civilians, which is here you can find the filling of dorayaki is very unique and yet delicious indeed, example like chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, or even the peanut butter. If you really craving for this currently, you even do not need to buy it outside and then very anxious if then cannot find it, no! You know, you just as always can munch and enjoy it by serve and cook it by yourself in your own kitchen. It is not that really tricky as you may firstly thought guys! The step by step on how to make it is also very simple and yet easy peasy. Everyone can make and cook it for their beloved families! So yeah give your focus below!

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- 2 eggs

- 100 gr sugar

- 1 tablespoon of honeydew

- 125 gr medium multi–purpose flour

- 25 gr vanilla milk powder

- ½ teaspoon of cake soda or baking soda

- 50 ml low fat milk or full cream milk (liquid milk for sure).


Any kinds of jam actually you may use here. But mine is chocolate.


1. Firstly you have to mix the eggs, sugar, and honeydew altogether just by using whisk and let it bloom and until it becomes thick then.

2. Put the flour, milk powder, and the baking soda into the bowl and stir it again evenly by using whisk.

3. Add the low fat milk or any full cream milk into it and stir it again as well by using whisk. Let it be for around 15 minutes in the refrigerator.

4. Take it out from the refrigerator once it gets cool and then stir it again for a while.

5. Then pour it into the anti–sticky pan which is previously the pan itself must be heated up for around 4 minutes. If the cake dough has been getting sponged and the border itself is quite dried, then you can return it to the other side.

6. Do it to every all the leftovers of the dorayaki dough, until it runs out.

7. Fill the dorayaki with the chocolate sauce or jam you choose at first. Then close the dorayaki with the other dough and press it, so the border of dorayaki will be getting glued.

Serve it on a best plate, and don’t forget to share with others!

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