Get to Know More about Mandalika's Cultural Wealth

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Get to Know More about Mandalika's Cultural Wealth
Get to Know More about Mandalika's Cultural Wealth/ Pinterest


Mandalika is one of the regions in Indonesia which is located on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). Mandalika is famous for its tourist attractions that have a myriad of beauties. The Mandalika area is right facing the Indian Ocean so it's no wonder that this area has beautiful and exciting beaches to visit.

Besides having a beautiful tour, Mandalika is also rich in culture. The following is the Mandalika culture in Central Lombok, namely:

1. The Tradition of Bau Nyale


The Tradition of Bau Nyale/ Pinterest

The Bau Nyale tradition is often carried out by the people of Central Lombok once a year. This tradition is carried out by local residents to try to catch nyale or more commonly known as marine worms off the coast. The reason for catching the worms is that they are expected to be the incarnation of the beautiful Mandalika princess. Princess Mandalika is a beautiful princess who throws herself into the high seas to avoid wars between princes who fight over her.

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2. Oncer dance

Oncer dance/ pinterest

Oncer Dance is one of the traditional dances from West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). This dance has existed since 1960 which was created by Muhammad Tahir. This oncer dance is accompanied by baleq or gamelan drums, flutes, reog, cengceng, and drums. In ancient times, the drum was used to give encouragement to soldiers who were going to war.

3. Tulup

Tulup/ Pinterest

Tulup is one of the traditional weapons of the Lombok area used for hunting by the Sasak tribe. This weapon is made using meranti wood which is given a hole. In addition, the bullet is made of a palm tree sheath shaped like an arrowhead called ancar. Usually, the people of Lombok use this weapon to hunt pigs and monkeys in the Lombok forest. But in addition to hunting, this weapon is called a sacred object.

4. Weaving

Weaving/ pinterest

Weaving is the process of making cloth by inserting threads transversely. Women who live in the Lombok area must be able to weave, therefore it is not surprising that many Lombok women can weave. Sukarare Village is one of the areas famous for weaving craftsmen. In addition, what is more, interesting than Sukarare Village is that women who want to get married must be able to weave. (NL)

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