The Tragic Story of Princess Mandalika Who Sacrificed Herself for Folk

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The Tragic Story of Princess Mandalika Who Sacrificed Herself for Folk

MANDALIKA, DEPOSTMANDALIKA.COM- Lombok is one of the islands with a million beauties. One of the places that have a distinctive charm of beauty is Kuta Beach.
Kuta Beach is located in the south of Lombok Island. This beach has a beach with fine white sand. Kuta Beach is also surrounded by hills.

One of the famous hill names is Mandalika Hill. The name of this hill is said to have come from the name of one of the King's daughters who died in the hill area.
Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess in Lombok named Putri Mandalika.

Her beauty, grace, and wisdom made her loved by all her people.

The news of Princess Mandalika's beauty was heard throughout the country. Made all the youths, princes, and knights fall in love and want to marry her.
The beauty of Putri Mandalika has now become a disaster for all. All men try to have Princess Mandalika and do not hesitate to fight for the love of the beautiful Princess Mandalika.
The division between the people ensued, making King very worried.

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A king who is so wise, of course, this fight occurs and disturbs the peace in their country. He left all decisions to the princess and gave time for Princess Mandalika to think calmly.

Putri Mandalika also used her time to think, meditate and look for clues to make her choice.
Princess Mandalika finally made a decision. All men from all walks of life who want to get their love are asked to be present in the early morning before dawn on Seger Beach on the 20th of the 10th month on the Sasak calendar. All were asked to come with their troops.

All the men also came at the place and at the time that had been determined by Putri Mandalika. All the courage and equipment of war have been prepared, as well as their respective soldiers. All are willing to risk their lives to get the love of the Princess. Seger Beach is now filled with a sea of ​​people. Everyone looked anxious waiting for Princess Mandalika's decision.

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The awaited time finally arrived, Princess Mandalika went up the hill and spoke to all those present.
Father, Mother and also all the princes and all the people of Tonjang Beru whom I love. After much thought, I've decided that this me is for all of you.
I can't choose one among the many men. I was destined to be a nyale that you will be able to enjoy together when the moon and the date the nyale appear on the surface of the sea.” she said.
Princess Mandalika immediately jumped from the top of the hill towards the sea and then disappeared into the waves.
All were very surprised by the actions of the princess. Panicked, everyone tried to find the whereabouts of Princess Mandaika in the sea. But it did not produce results. All they got was the copious amount of nyale that had sprung up on the beach.
That's how Princess Mandalika sacrificed herself to avoid division in the country she loved so much. He prefers to be nyale and can be enjoyed by everyone.-zz-

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