The Myth of Ouija , a Board that Can be a Communication Tool with Spirits

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The Myth of Ouija , a Board that Can be a Communication Tool with Spirits

MANDALIKA, DEPOSTMANDALIKA.COM- Who does not know the Ouija board game? Ouija Board or Ouija Board is a game that is believed to be able to summon and communicate with spirits.

Ouija game itself was first discovered in the United States. Initially, this Ouija board was not used for games. This Ouija board was only used by psychics in America to communicate with spirits. But because this Ouija Board was very popular in that Year, some made it a game.

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There are several rules in playing this Ouija game. One way to play this game is to place a letter pointer on the Ouija board. The players must also provide a candle to light during the game.

During the game, players will chant certain spells. Well, other players have to put their index finger on the board while turning the letter pointer while reading the spell.
It is believed that if the lit candle has started to sway and is about to dim, then a spirit has joined you. Players who have a turn must ask questions to the spirit while continuing to rotate a pointer on the board to find out the answer from the spirit being asked.

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Later, the letter pointer will move on its own and will form a sentence in response to the spirit.
After getting an answer from the spirit, it is said that the spirit will ask for a reward. And if not obeyed, the spirit will scare and show its presence to the players. It is said that when the players do not say "Goodbye" when the game ends, then the spirits will continue to haunt you until the players are scared and choose to commit suicide.

*This story has not been authenticated. For the elements and contents of this article, please do not mislead. It would be nice if we took the positive side.*

Hiiii, you still dare to play it? -zz-

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