The Terror Tale of the Haunted Doll, Mandy The Doll

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The Terror Tale of the Haunted Doll, Mandy The Doll
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MANDALIKA, DEPOSTMANDALIKA.COM- Mandy The Doll. Mandy is one of the dolls made of porcelain that was produced in England and Germany around 1910-1920.

Mandy does look like an ordinary doll. With the form of a baby wearing a white dress, Mandy looks very cute. But who would have thought that behind the cuteness of Mandy's form, it turns out that Mandy is one of the dolls with spiritual powers?

Mearanda, who was the original owner of the Mandy doll, donated Mandy to the Quesnel and District Museum, Columbia in 1991.

According to Mearanda, when Mandy lives at her house, she often wakes up at night and hears the sound of a baby crying from the basement. Not only that, but he also often finds that the windows of his house are open, even though they were previously closed.

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Mearanda said that since Many donated to the museum, nothing strange has happened to his house anymore.

Terror has now moved to the Museum. The museum staff said that since Mandy's arrival, many strange things had happened at the museum.

The odd thing that often happens is that lunch is often missing. Then move to another place, or even this lunch is often lost and not found anywhere.

In addition to the loss of the lunch box, the museum staff often roared with footsteps, even though no one was around. It is said that this is the work of Mandy who likes to follow footsteps.

Mandy also often annoys the visitors who come to the Museum. It is said that when the visitors recorded Mandy, Mandy's eyes seemed to follow them around the room.

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Many also often see Mandy's eyes blink.

When she first entered the museum, Mandy had her place. He usually sits facing the visitor's entrance. However, Mandy was eventually moved to another place from this museum because rumors were saying that Mandy could not be placed together with other dolls.

He said, if Mandy was placed with another doll, then Mandy would hurt the others. Creepy, isn't it?

*Even so, the above writing has not been confirmed and readers can take lessons from all these events. Please do not follow things that cause misguidance and cause harm. The above is just fiction. *–zz-

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