Cafless Waterpark Lombok, Water Playground with Enchanting Natural Enchantment

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Cafless Waterpark Lombok, Water Playground with Enchanting Natural Enchantment
Cafless Waterpark Lombok, Water Playground with Enchanting Natural Enchantment/ Pinterest


Playing water is one of the activities that children like. So do not be surprised if every swimming pool or waterpark is always filled with children. Lombok has water playgrounds with various depths and towering slides. One of the water playgrounds in Lombok with a variety of games, namely Caféless Waterpark.

Caféless Waterpark is one of the rides for playing water with beautiful mountainous natural nuances. This tourist spot was established in 2015 and was immediately visited by local and foreign tourists. For tourists who want to spend time with family, then Cafés Waterpark is the right choice. Because this place is well maintained so that tourists who come to this place will be comfortable.


The pool water in this place is very clear and makes the body feel fresh, that is what attracts visitors to come. Various types of pools are available here with different depths. For tourists who can't swim, don't worry because in this place there is a float tire rental available. Not only swimming, but tourists can also enjoy other rides, such as fountains, climbing ropes, slides, and water tubes. This tourist spot has a garden with an Instagramable concept, so don't be surprised if tourists who come to this place always capture the moment in that place.

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For tourists who want to enjoy the cool water with a calm atmosphere, Cafés Waterpark has a current pool suitable for tourists who don't like crowds. For tourists who like a challenge, you must try the Race Slide ride. This vehicle is only a slide that is not too high, but there are many indentations of waves that must be passed. Tourists can compete in the Race Slide because this vehicle has 4 slides that line each other. For families or companies who want to hold a meeting, Cafless Waterpark has provided a meeting place with a different atmosphere.

Route and Location

The location of Caféless Waterpark is very strategic because it is located on Jl. Raya Gunungsari-Tanjung Km 2 No.1, West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The route that must be taken to get to this place is very easy. For tourists who come from Mataram, you must direct the vehicle to Jl. Anea Raya then Jl. Udayana continued to Jl. Adi Sucipto, then to Jl. Raya Mataram then Jl. Wahidin Sudirohusodo then arrived at Caféless Waterpark.

Ticket Prices and Facilities

This tourist spot starts operating at 10:00-18:00. The cost that must be spent to enter this place is Rp. 50.000/person but for children under 80cm no need to pay for a ticket.

The facilities in this place are very complete, including:

- Parking area

- Bathroom and changing room

- Gazebo

- Mosque

- Restaurant

- Box Lockers. (NL)

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