Making pottery in Banyumulek Village, Lombok

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Making pottery in Banyumulek Village, Lombok
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Pottery is a craft made from soil and produces utensils or kitchen utensils. Pottery has been known from ancient times so that it became a historical source in a civilization in the past. Pottery has always been used as a household appliance that has an aesthetic function. Lombok has a pottery-producing tourist spot, namely Banyumulek Village.

Banyumulek Village is one of the tourist destinations in Lombok which is always crowded with local and foreign tourists. This tourist spot presents beautiful rural life and the friendliness of its residents. Almost all residents in this village depend on pottery production for their livelihood. This pottery craft has existed since the 17th to 18th centuries, starting with a grandfather named Papuk Mulek. At that time, Papuk Mulek and his friends were making barrels for water and pots for cooking rice. But over time, more and more pottery crafts were produced by Papua Mulek so that many people learned.


Tourists who come to this place are allowed to try to make pottery, that is what attracts tourists to come to this place. Villagers will teach tourists how to make pottery properly, starting from the selection of materials, manufacturing techniques, and making cute designs. The results of pottery that have been made can be taken as a keepsake. For tourists who like painting, you can paint pottery using the equipment provided at the place. Usually, residents will provide pottery that is suitable for the needs of tourists so that the spirit of painting.

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Every corner of the village in this place has a different beauty, so tourists who come to this place are obliged to capture the moment as a keepsake. You can also capture the activities of residents who live with simplicity. Not far from the pottery place, Banyumulek Village also has a natural panorama with stunning beauty. Not only that, the cool air in this place makes tourists more comfortable in this place.

Route and Location

Banyumulek Village or better known as the pottery-producing village has a very strategic location, because it is located in Banyumulek Village, Kab. West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The route to this place is very easy and does not take so long. For tourists who start the journey from the city of Mataram, you only need to travel about 14 Km. For tourists who do not bring their own car, don't worry because in this area there is a place to rent a rental car.

Ticket Prices and Facilities

To visit Banyumulek Village, you don't need to pay to buy an entrance ticket. but if tourists want to buy pottery products in this place, they have to pay a fee that is not too expensive. Usually, this place is crowded from 10:00 to 16:00.

The facilities in Banyumulek Village are quite complete, including:

- Toilet

- Parking area

- Mosque

- Shop

- Gallery

- Lodging or hotel. (NL)

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