Here! This Is 4 Must-Visit Places When Going to Mandalika

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Here! This Is 4 Must-Visit Places When Going to Mandalika
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MANDALIKA, DEPOSTMANDALIKA.COM- The diversity of natural beauty in Indonesia will never end. Known as an archipelago, there are many islands and beaches with their characteristics and beauty.
There is an area in Central Lombok that has been worked on specifically to improve the economic level of the people of West Nusa Tenggara in general.

The area is Mandalika, Central Lombok, Mandalika is designated as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) to become a Tourism SEZ through Government Regulation No. 52 of 2014. With an area of ​​1,026 hectares overlooking the Indian Ocean, Mandalika is expected to be able to lift the tourism sector in NTB.

Peek! Here are some tourist destinations that you can enjoy in Mandalika! 

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1. Batu Payung

Batu Payung has a coral shape like an Umbrella. Batu Payung is located in the Tanjung Aan Beach area. Here, you will not find sandy beaches in general. But you will find a beach with rocks, one of which is in the shape of an umbrella.
2. Kuta Mandalika Beach 

Besides being one of the witnesses to the history of Putri Mandalika.
Kuta Mandalika Beach has blue sea water with green hills around it, as well as soft white sand that will make you feel at home on this beach!

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3. Merese Hill

Mandalika is known for its many hilly areas. One of the most famous hills is Merese hill. The view from this hill will make you fall in love and be fascinated by all of His creation. The right time to visit this hill is at sunset. The light of the sun is slowly sinking, over the green hills and accompanied by extraordinary sea views accompanied by a cool breeze. It's sure to make you feel calm on this hill.

4. Gerupuk Beach

For surfing lovers, it's a must to visit this beach! There are so many cool spots to dance with the waves! The big waves are perfect for those of you who like surfing. If you don't want to surf, that's okay too, because the scenery on this beach is also very charming for you to enjoy while walking on the beach.
Apart from the places above. There are still many tourist destinations that you can enjoy in Mandalika. Interested in going there? -zz-

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