Exploring Heaven on Earth on Gili Bidara Lombok

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Exploring Heaven on Earth on Gili Bidara Lombok

MANDALIKA, DEPOSTMANDALIKA.COM- Snorkeling is an activity on the surface of the water while seeing the underwater beauty. Seeing the beautiful view of the sea surface makes you feel happy and can see firsthand the life of animals in the water. One area that has beautiful tourist attractions and can be used for snorkeling is Gili Bidara.
Gili Bidara is one of the tourist attractions in Lombok that offers beautiful natural panoramas with very clear water.

This place is visited by many lovers of snorkeling or diving because of the stunning underwater scenery. tourists who come to this place will be amazed by the underwater scenery.
The clear waters with white sand add to the beauty of this place.

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Gili Bidara has a snorkeling spot with a depth of 1.5 - 3 meters. Under the sea, tourists will see a coral reef where a group of Nemo and starfish are starting to become rare. For tourists who want to feel the sensation of snorkeling, you can rent the equipment that has been provided.
Gili Bidara is located in Labuhan Pandan, Sambelia, Kab. East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

The route that must be taken to arrive at Gili Bidara is very easy and certainly not boring. For tourists who come from the direction of Mataram, you have to direct your vehicle to Labuhan Pandan village with a distance of about 2 hours. After arriving in Labuhan Pandan, tourists must cross to Gili Bidara by using a chartered boat. But unfortunately, this place does not have complete facilities. (NL)

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