The Tradition of Sade Village That Still Clings

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The Tradition of Sade Village That Still Clings
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MANDALIKA, DEPOSTMANDALIKA.COM- Sade Village is one of the villages located in Rembitan Village, Pujut, Central Lombok. This hamlet is known as a hamlet that still maintains the customs of the Sasak Tribe. The Sasak tribe itself is very well known among tourists who often come to Lombok.

This village is inhabited by 150 houses with a population of 700 people and a village area of ​​about 3 hectares. The 700 people who live in this village are still of the same lineage.

Besides being famous for still maintaining the customs of the Sasak tribe. Sade village is also known for its tradition of elopement and kidnapping.

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Because according to local custom, proposing is an offense because it is considered impolite, so couples who want to marry must elope first.

So they mate first before returning to the rummage and informing their parents. ,

Meanwhile, kidnapping marriage is a kind of matchmaking between cousins ​​whose term is changed to kidnapped marriage.

In the practice of abducted marriage, the man will bring the woman at night and the family must not find out within 24 hours.

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If within 24 hours we are caught, then we will get a customary fine. Meanwhile, if we are successful, then there will be a notification from the male side to the female side that he is not lost but will be invited to marry.

In the tradition of Sade Village, the women in the village cannot easily get married when they are adults. Local custom requires that a girl can weave before being allowed to marry.

Even so, Sade Village is still a favorite tourist spot for tourists. The pristine condition makes its attraction for tourists to visit.

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