Does Google force employees who have offers from Facebook to leave immediately?


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If a Google employee reveals that he or she intends to leave because they have *accepted*–not received–an offer from a talent competitor like Facebook, in some cases they will be “walked off” so that they will no longer have access to Google’s proprietary information. More important than having that employee leave the physical building is shutting off their employee account; and most tech knowledge workers can’t perform their jobs without access to the company’s Intranet, VPN, or email.

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    I know people who left Google for Facebook, they were not walked out. Why would they be walked out of Google? Because facebook competing with Google?

    I have left Google twice, both times for Apple, in both cases Apple was a competing organization, in all cases I had a good talk with my managers up and HR discussing opportunities in Google, in both cases I was not escorted, I was given two weeks to talk more and to complete my project. I left in good terms with all my friends, managers and Google. Google is very fair organization, it treats people extremely well . I can imagine that some department might be supersecret and they will do it, but I was working for core search quality which is secretive too and I was asked to leave.


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    No, definitely not, as others have written.
    It’s an extremely terrible policy to do so. I once worked for a company, that had the stated policy that security will escort you out of the building immediately upon you giving notice.
    So what happened? I gave notice by emptying my office one night.
    They had absolutely no opportunity to attempt to retain me. Crap policy, their fault, good riddance.
    (They also had a non-compete that said you could never work for Microsoft. Made them modify that clause before I signed to only apply to the SQL Server group, but should have known they were screwed in the head then. Apparently they are still in business; this was 20 years ago.)

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    When I was at Facebook, 2013–2016, the rumor I heard was the opposite.

    It was my understanding that Google practically had a policy of counter-offering anyone who got an offer from Facebook, and that seeking an offer from Facebook was a strategy Googlers used to up their compensation.

    Ironically, Facebook had the opposite policy: If you get an offer from elsewhere, it was Facebook’s policy not to counter-offer. Facebook’s view is that if they start counter-offering, they will get into a compensation arms race. And besides, if you really want to go work somewhere else, then maybe you should. There are lots of people who would love to work at Facebook; they don’t need to try to convince you to stay if you want to leave. And if you’re just bluffing, well good on them for not falling for it.

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